Culinary School

Culinary Arts Institutes

On TV and in bookstores, chefs are definitely in.  Dinner parties and cooking clubs are taking off.  Pricey, deluxe cookware is on wedding and housewarming registries – and sometimes the recipients even know how to use them properly.  And students shop around for a good culinary arts institute to break into this hot profession.

Before the time of culinary arts institutes

Before the first culinary arts institutes came in existence and before the rise of celebrity chefs like Emeril Lagasse, many people learned to cook from their mothers or used cookbooks. Culinary arts education was unknown and no traditional schools and colleges offer any culinary art courses. The cookbooks, like the classic Better Homes And Gardens book, feature great recipes and culinary information but are not like the kind of cookbook we see now that features the chef’s name prominently.

Perhaps Julia Child, who traveled overseas to learn at the prestigious Cordon Bleu culinary arts institute in Paris, was America’s original celebrity chef.

Julia Child was the first to have a TV cooking show.  Her books became best sellers in the 1960s and 1970s.  Julia Child is most famous for having made the seemingly inscrutable world of French haute cuisine accessible for everyone in her first book, Mastering the Art of French Cooking. 

In Julia Child’s footsteps, many have followed aficionados from James Beard to Martha Stewart to Jamie Oliver, each with their own style and fans.  These chefs know not just recipes, but also how to integrate healthy cuisine into a busy lifestyle and make the most difficult foods easier to prepare.  They furnish a lifestyle too, endorsing everything from pots and pans to furniture.  Going to a culinary arts institute is definitely hip.

Beat obesity and have healthier lifestyle with culinary arts

It’s been said that America’s obesity has been growing by the year.  But paradoxically so too is interest in healthy food, nutrition, and good diets.  No longer is the ideal chef a rotund man.  Today, overall fitness and health are the mark of a good chef, be they male or female.   

Many people choose to go to a culinary arts institute because of an interest in healthy cuisine and choices.  Culinary academies, after all, do not just offer degrees in cooking, but also in nutrition, dietetics, and other related fields.

Choices of culinary arts institutes

Most big cities already host at least one culinary arts institute, and many counties have an occupational training school to teach budding chefs.

And if you want to be the next Julia Child, going to a culinary arts institute does not necessarily require a foreign language.  World-renowned culinary arts institutes in Paris, Rome, Singapore, and other cities have instruction available in English.