Culinary School

Western Culinary Institute

What is special about the Western Culinary Institute?

Portland, Oregon, is known for being one of the most livable cities in the United States. Well-planned, covered by public transportation, bike accessible, and almost never too hot or too cold, Portland has been growing steadily since its foundation.

And for the cuisine-career minded, Portland might just be a great place to get an education, particularly culinary arts education.  The city is home to the Western Culinary Institute, a school offering many diplomas and culinary arts degrees in association with the famous culinary art academy:

Le Cordon Bleu academy in Paris.

The Western Culinary Institute facilities

The Western Culinary Institute offers three areas of study: 

  • Overall cuisine and cooking,
  • hospitality management, or
  • the study of pastries and baking.

The Western Culinary Institute has a range of facilities for its students.  At the Western Culinary Institute, students begin with learning all the tools and machines used in a professional kitchen.  This famous culinary academy aims to teach students how to use almost every piece of machinery found in a kitchen. Besides the mandatory kitchens and dining rooms for lessons, the Western Culinary Institute has a library, a computer lab, tutoring help, and clubs to make school life enjoyable. 

The Western Culinary Institute faculty

The Western Culinary Institute employs over 50 teachers with years of experience and culinary training behind them. Many professors of the Western Culinary Institute have overseas experience in places as diverse as France and China. None of the culinary arts or business skills are left out.  The staff includes an ice-sculpture champion, dietary experts, managers, bakers, and writers. 

Location of The Western Culinary Institute

The Western Culinary Institute benefits from its location in the temperate Pacific Northwest.  Just a short drive from the ocean, the freshest seafood is available to the city’s chefs and students. 

Oregon, home of the Western Culinary Institute, has also long been a center for the organic and heirloom food movements.  Organic farmers use no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides on their foods.  Because of the care lavished on the soil and plants and resulting better quality food, many chefs prefer to cook with organic ingredients. 

Heirloom vegetables are varieties grown by our ancestors but are generally not grown by big producers, so we rarely see them in the store, or taste their unique flavors.  Chefs in Portland have access to these heirlooms grown on nearby farms, and so can learn to create a wider range of flavors.

Portland is also near California’s wine-producing Napa Valley, home of the Culinary Institute of America California campus.  California wines have won awards all over the world. Students of the Western Culinary Institute can easily visit wineries in the neighboring state to experience winemaking and tasting.